Posted (Tina) in All Posts on January-29-2007

We went today for the first doctor appointment. Randomly, we were assigned to Dr. Maria Vargas…I was nervous. Fortunately, Josh and I really liked her. At this point, I was hoping to have the pregnancy confirmed and to be told that everything was okay. Up to this point, I had been feeling extremely exhausted, fatigued and having frequent heartburn and battling feelings of nausea.To our surprise, Dr. Vargas was able to secure me a last minute appointment to receive an ultrasound. We were so excited. When we went in for that first ultrasound, they determined my due date – August 16, 2007. This meant that I was a little bit further along than I had calculated – 11 Weeks and 4 days. Seeing the baby on the screen and hearing the heartbeat…it started to feel like this was really happening and I was not just imagining it.

For those of you who don’t know, it had been over 5 years of not preventing pregnancy…or as Josh likes to say, ” it was over 5 years with no goalie in the net!”