Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-24-2013


When did this happen? When did our little miracle grow up so fast? I’ve been pretty emotional about it all day to be honest. Every time I think about our wonderfully sweet amazing girl turning 6, I just tear up. It doesn’t even seem real.

As I write this, Ella’s brother has gone down for the night, Tina is in the kitchen baking some treats for an event tomorrow, and I can hear Ella “talking” in the background. It’s amazing how far she has come.

I think to best protect my emotions, I set my expectations low in regards to Ella’s progress. And yet, she continues to surprise us. Recently she’s begun to hum along with the songs that play on her iPad. She is even doing the BEEP BEEP BEEP along with the Wheels on the Bus song! This is the cutest thing ever to experience and Tina and I get such a kick out of it while driving with her in the car. She’s just in her seat and will start humming along with the different songs she hears. So wonderful.


While she doesn’t have any speech for communication, she does have her own “language”. I have this vision that if we were all to travel to Paris, some local would let us know that she speaks perfect French. Oui…at least that’s how it sounds…hehe. There is no rhyme or reason to her “words”, but it is so cute to hear her “talk” to her stuffed animal giraffe, George.

The birthday today has been low key. Ella has no concept that it’s her special day, but we’re still all too happy to hug on her, sing to her, and affirm to her what an amazing girl she is. I just can’t get over the fact that she’s SIX YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!

So I sit here and marvel at this precious girl’s progress, praising God for all he has brought us through to this day.

Thank you Lord, for the gift that you’ve blessed us with. This life that is so precious and innocent and is such a loving little girl. What a miracle she is and what an impact she’s had on so many people. We praise you for her life and know that she is exactly who you planned her to be. Let her continue to grow strong and may your love shine through her for eternity. AMEN