Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-24-2015

Ella Smile
We can hardly believe that our little princess is turning 8 years old today! What an amazing miracle. As challenging and exhausting a special needs kiddo can be, we wouldn’t change who she is for anything. She is the sweetest most loving girl ever. Pretty much everyone that meets her just falls in love. Who couldn’t with a smile like that!*

We love you bun!

*The last photo in that montage is acatully a video. Click to view it. 🙂

Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-2-2015

Ella was discharged from the hospital tonight and we just walked in the door. Thank God we’re home!

Thank you all for the continued support and prayers. It so wonderful to be home without needing any surgery or other major intervention. We are all tuckered out and headed to bed.

Blessings to you all…and good night!

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Ella had her final x-ray late last night and everything looks good. After that, everybody had a decent nights rest.

Ella has also been behaving like her normal self which is really great to see. She hasn’t had an episode of pain since yesterday. We were able to start feeding a diluted version of her blended diet to her today. She seems to be tolerating it well which is a great sign. If we can keep this up over the next day or two, hopefully will be out before next week if not sooner.

So at this point there’s no reason to think that she will need any surgery, thank God.

We were also able to stop Ella’s IV fluids. This made it easier for Ella to get up and move. We walked all around the main area of the hospital and she sure did enjoy going up and down the glass elevator.

Ella’s teacher stopped by and brought some coloring books and other gifts. She also delivered some tasty snacks as well. Ella totally enjoyed seeing her.

My business partner and longtime friend stopped by and brought us some lunch. It was a nice little break from hospital food.

And of course aunt Karen stopped by again. 🙂 She helped out with Ella’s bath.

Thanks to everyone for the continued thoughts and prayers. We’ve appreciated all the support.