Mary and Jack are OK

Here are the details in Cliff’s email:

10/23/07 Tue – 3:00 PM – I just finished talking to Mary. She is alive and doing well. Diane had called the police and told them Mary’s situation (no electricity, no water, phone service,etc) So they said they would check on them. Mary saw the police and they let them stay because the fire had run it’s course around the “Eusey Ranch”. People who are still at their homes can stay but if they leave the city, they cannot return. And people who left are not allowed back in yet.

Mary was calling from town (Ramona). She can go just so far and they will let her return to her house, but if she goes down the highway too far they will not let her return. She was getting food and water from what little stores were still open. No one is around except fireman, police and a few store owners. Jack was out trying to get another generator. Theirs burned up in the fire. Jack has another that he will try and get working. They need it primarily for the refrigerator and freeze food. Mary was also try to get gas for her car. The car is the only way they can charge the cell phones right now. Plus she has to go to the top of her hill to get a cell phone signal. So no one can just call and get her right away.

Jack did burned his eyes and brows when they were battle the fire on their property. His eyes are still bothering him and needs cold compresses every hour or so.

Hopefully they can get a generator to run the essentials. Their home is intact and un-burned thanks to the great fire-fighting work of Jack and Mary !!!!

I will pass on any new news I get immediately.