Megan’s time with Ella – 10/12/07

So we had to keep this page a little hidden because NICU rules only allow children under 14 to visit if they are a sibling. This was a bummer because Ella’s cousin is 8 years old. We hoped that if we came late at night, they might make an exception.
Fortunately, the staff did. They bent the rules a bit to allow Megan in to see her. We didn’t want to push our luck and have all four of us in there at the same time, so I Rick and I took turns.
It was so sweet to see our niece there with Ella. I took some video of Megan as Tina explained what she was seeing. Such a touching moment. You can view this below if you have a high speed Internet connection.
We were so glad and thankful to the nurses that allowed them this time. What a blessing it was.
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