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The morning started with some lovely orange liquid. Yummm…NOT! It was time for glucose screening to make sure that gestational diabetes was not present. I drank the bottle of liquid and went to Dr. Vargas to have blood drawn. Once again, they told me that no news was good news. Hopefully, we don’t have that to deal with too! We shall see…

From there, I met with Dr. Galan for the 2nd time…it was very cute. The ultrasound technician began the ultrasound and located her head to begin taking measurements. The nurse walked in with some questions, looked at the screen, and noted, “Wow, she has lots of hair!” I was not even aware that you could see hair on an ultrasound, but apparently you can. This is definitely Josh’s genes kicking in on this one…(smile).

The appointment was not much different than anything else we had heard up to this point. All pregnancy signs looked normal…he confirmed the same LHR of .8. He did state that he was very curious about our upcoming appointment in Florida. I got the sense from his questions that he was skeptical about Dr. Kays survival rates as well as overall quality of life once the baby was born. Although nice and polite, you can just tell that he is very skeptical.

Part of me would love nothing more than to come back months later with a baby girl in my arms, to his complete surprise….one that is breathing on her own with no major brain defects. Yes, I am still holding true that she will be my miracle girl. Heck, she is my miracle girl either way…I didn’t even think I could get pregnant!

Ani on June 8th, 2007 at 7:44 pm #

I didn’t know they can tell a baby has hair from that either…wow…I guess you learn something new every day.

Teresa on June 10th, 2007 at 4:35 pm #

I remember that nasty orange stuff…YUK! I think I had Gestasional diabetes with my son and they missed it! He was born 11.8 lbs…they are NEVER 100% correct!

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