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Tina and I were up early this morning, 4:30 to catch a 7:30am flight out to Florida. At this point I’m feeling 95% sure about Dr. Kays being our baby girl’s best hope. It would take some major red flag to change my mind. The flight was uneventful which is good for any flight. Having an iPod loaded with pod casts and music helped the time pass faster then expected.

We arrived around 3pm and called some college* friends, the Boemler-Wareings, to see if they were around. Turns out that Laura was on her way to Disney World with the kids. She switched up her plans though and got us all passes into Universal Studios (Doug’s place of employment).

It wasn’t too hot that day, which is only really saying it was a little less then 90 degrees out. Tina and I enjoyed hanging out with Laura, Alli, and Kaylee. We met up with Doug for dinner at a restaurant in the park. We filled them in on the details at this time. We weren’t sure we would have time to hang out, but I’m glad we made the time to because we enjoyed seeing our friends again.

Talking to them made me realize how much I do miss being geographically close to friends and family. Their response to us was so loving and supportive. It gives me great comfort to know that we will only be a two-hour drive away from them during our extended stay in Gainesville.

After dinner we started the drive up to Gainesville. We arrived at the hotel around 10:30pm. Totally exhausted from being up so early and the emotions of the day, all we wanted to do was dive into bed.

Taking out the key, Tina attempts to open the door to our room, but with no success. She tries multiple times, and still, no go. Thinking I possess some magical power that she doesn’t, I request the key and give it a go. Only when a voice from inside the room says huskily “I THINK YOU HAVE THE WRONG ROOM” do we decide to call the front desk. Turns out they wrote down the wrong room number. Ok…let’s move on to our room so we can get to bed.

Ah, the key works, but…oh…um…yeah…the room kinda looks like it did in the online pics, but just don’t look too close. Maybe we want to keep our shoes on. Alright, just look past it, and move on.

We go to shut the curtains on the slider to the “patio” and witness something you would only expect to see in some kind of movie effect. So many mosquitoes on the glass it was hard to see outside. Well, let just close that up and go to bed.

Ahh, not so fast. It’s always a safe bet to be wary of the comforter of any hotel room, but, when I turn down the bed I expect clean sheets. Well, that was a little too much to ask for I guess. Yeah, nice bodly-fluid-esqe brown spot right in the middle of the sheets. Bleh.

A call down to the front desk earns us a visit from an intoxicated maintenance guy who offers to change the sheets. I’m not sure what language he was speaking either, some form of English drunken-eze, but he did his best to get the bed made, something I don’t think he normally does.

At this time I’m committed to not staying in this place another night and I’d be willing to empty our bank account to do so. Fortunately I am married to a woman with amazing skills and she books us a night in the Hilton for tomorrow.

Finally, off to sleep…

*By college I mean the place Tina received a degree from and the place I made friends, geek’d out ‘till all hours playing Bolo, and grew deeper in my understanding of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

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