Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-20-2007

I had my pregnancy check-up with Dr. Vargas on Monday, June 18th.  It was so nice to see her in person – – we had not seen each other since Week 13 (nearly 20 weeks ago).  Instead, we have only been able to catch up via phone.  I gave her the update on Florida which perked her interest.  She assured me that everything looked fine pregnancy-wise.  She listened to the heart rate – 150 beats per minute.  And I have gained 15 pounds so far – – not too shabby!

Today, I met with Dr. Galan to check on our baby girl.  Once again, the ultrasound technician verified that “she has lots of hair!”  Last time we met, her growth tracked at the 15th percentile (Since the contents are in her chest, her abdominal cavity always measures smaller than it should at this stage, therefore weighing down the overall percentile).  Anyway, she must be growing because he tracked her at the 32nd percentile today – – that is good.  She appears to be growing well and weighs about 4 pounds.  We have about 7 -8 weeks left for her to bake in my belly.  Hopefully, she will grow a lot over that time!