Posted (The West's) in All Posts on July-25-2007

Morning Update
Ella had a rough night last night (Tuesday night into Wednesday). She continued to fight but her levels were all over the place – – one area would improve, but it would worsen something else. They are trying some more tweaks with medications this morning.

Ella’s vitals and latest blood gas check-up looked promising (they draw her blood and measure the amount of gases in her blood). As we visited with her, it was time for another blood gas check-up. As we left, she had 2 good blood gas reports. We are leaving to go update the blog and hope that we can deliver more good news later.

Evening Update
Ella had some pretty big swings this evening. Unfortunately she’s been hovering more on the bad side. So much so that Dr. Kays will be staying the night at the hospital. Thank God for the amazing staff here and their dedication to our baby girl. Do well tonight Ms. Ella Renae. Mom and dad are going to bed…