Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on August-3-2009

Ella was having some trouble with her feeds the last 24 hours. We started the process of consolidating her feeds down from five per day, with a goal of eventually three feeds per day.

We started yesterday and she took the first increase alright, but the next one she was more uncomfortable. The final one for the day pushed her over the edge and she was very inconsolable (lasted an hour and a half last night). Normally if we increase her volume per feed she will just push it back out and settle down. This time was different. She was experiencing labored breathing and acting like she was in some kind of pain which is not typical with feeds.

This morning, Ella woke up in a great mood. She didn’t fuss at all during bath time and overall was real happy, that is, until we began feeding her. She started behaving very strange and fussed in a way that is not normal.

After she calmed down, we packed up the car and headed downtown to run some errands. On the drive, I could really hear Ella breathing behind me in the car seat with labored breathing, which is not normal. This was also concerning. When it was time for her next feed, we decided to take it very slow and only give her 100ccs of food. She lost it immediately and was very inconsolable.

So, we now find ourselves in the ER.

They assessed her, took a chest and belly x-ray, and placed an IV. She’s not running a fever, nothing too glaring on her x-ray, and her blood work came back fine. To be safe though, they want to watch her overnight and do a upper GI study and small bowel series sometime tomorrow.

Nothing says home like a good nights rest at the Children’s Hospital.

We’ll update once we know more. G’Night all.