Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on January-27-2010

Hey there Ella Fans! It’s been awhile since I (Ella’s dad) threw a post out there. I wanted to share a special moment with you.

Overall, life has been challenging with some days being better than others. I’m guessing that statement really sums up where a lot of families are right now.

October and November of last year were solid for my consulting business, but during the December holidays the work screeched to a halt. Not totally unheard of for that time of year, but the hope of things really picking up in January stalled quite a bit. Between the lack of consistent work and other family challenges, some of which Tina has posted about, it can really take a toll on your emotions and even your faith.

We took some video of Ella this last Monday, the 25th of January. This was after a day of going over our budget and discussing the direction we should take in life. It can be overwhelming to look at the storm going on around you and in those moments it’s easy to forget to keep your eyes on Christ. You find yourself starting to sink in the water with the waves crashing all around you…

….but peace was found in God affirming how awesome our little miracle is:

Above was the first day of her really crawling…below is the next day…

Thank you Lord for never leaving or forsaking us. Thank you for reminding us that you are always there and will never abandon us. We praise you for this sweet, amazing, wonderful, miracle of a child you have blessed us with. May our eyes continue to remain fixed on you, because we know that when we do, your peace is more powerful than any storm that surrounds us.