Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-11-2007

…since we received the news and I am 21 weeks along.

It was such a whirlwind going to the specialist and having the second ultrasound completed last week, but I will try my best to remember the details. I believe it is on her left hand side which is slightly pushing the heart over to the right. The stomach was the most visible, right next to the heart. Doing my own research, I asked about whether or not the liver was present in the upper cavity and they told me that they were not able to tell based on positioning. So, I am not aware of an LHR being calculated (the lung-to-head ratio helps determine severity). They did note that the kidneys were in the lower area and not affected. Last week, they performed the amniocentesis. I will not have the full results for another week or so. However, they did call me on Monday to let me know that markers 13, 18 and 21 were normal. They told us that the heart seems to be functioning properly, but wanted us to get a fetal echo (scheduled for 4/26/07), to look closer at the heart and make sure that it is functioning properly with no abnormalities. Also, they noted during the exam that there is only a single artery in the umbilical cord (SUA). They stated that sometimes that means nothing, but along with the amniocentesis information, might mean more.

We hope to have more information on the amniocentesis and fetal echo soon.

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