Posted (Tina) in All Posts on April-24-2007

I finally decided to give Dr. Vargas a call a few days ago, but she was out of town. She returned from vacation today and we were able to connect. I wanted to share with her my disappointment over the way that the Pediatrix-Obstetrics group had treated my situation. Also, here it had been nearly 3 weeks since we had first heard the news, and I had no idea about what the plan was for my care. Did I go back to Vargas? Did I just continue to see them? No one had called me or filled me in on the details of my care.

She felt bad and stated that she had another doctor with incredible bedside manners that she wanted to refer to me. His name is Dr, Henry Galan. Although going to see him felt somewhat repetitive, I wanted to try. Everyone I had met from the other medical group (Pediatrix-Obstretrics) left much to be desired. Dr. Vargas was able to call the office and schedule me a late appointment for the following day.

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