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I got such a nice surprise this morning…you see, I am at the largest national conference for my work, the National Apartment Association conference in Las Vegas, NV. It is my last business trip before I go on maternity leave. It is always a busy conference but fun because I get to see all my friends. We only see each other a few times each year, since we all work remotely.
So, they were sneeky. They asked our General Manager and CFO, Peggy Abkemeier, to arrange a meeting with me this morning to discuss one of our largest clients. Since we have been actively working on the account together, I thought nothing of it! Sure enough, we arrive at our destination for breakfast and there were all my work friends…SURPRISE! They gave me a surprise baby shower. It was so sweet.
From the pink balloons and plush pink rabbit down to the bundt cake and the baby confetti on the tables – -there were even personalized tins for favors that mentioned “Tina’s Shower” and the date. All of this and yet, we were all so busy because of the conference. I can’t believe that they put all this effort into this little surprise event, especially considering the circumstances. So, you will note in the photos that although the shower was a blast, all of us had to grab our Blackberries and take a 5 minute break to take care of business. It is so good to see that I am not the only addict!
They had the gifts shipped to my home collectively – – a bundle me cover for the baby carrier, a play/walker, a newborn essentials feeding kit, etc, etc. Plus, Rent.com kicked in and provided a gift card to Babies-R-Us. Such generosity from my work friends!
On top of that, Nicole brought tons of extra baby clothes that she no longer uses from Isabella, her bundle of joy that is 8 months old. And dragged along a snap-n-go stroller from DC to Vegas to give to me.
Anyway, I was delightfully surprised and felt the love from my co-workers…so nice!

Teresa on July 16th, 2007 at 12:44 pm #

We love you Tina…you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!

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