Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-5-2007

Cathie wrote to me today…

Hi Tina, I talked with Tracy yesterday…they put Jonathan back on ECMO Saturday night and he has been stable. His chest x-ray even looked better yesterday…but he is still one sick little guy. Please continue to pray…Tracy is convinced (as am I) that that is why he is still fighting. Thanks so much for praying and for emailing to check on him…I know how crazy your life is right now with trying to prepare for being away from home for awhile. Tracy said there was a fourth baby boy born on Friday…his name is Evan…yet another little one to pray for….the other two, Ben and Cole, are doing very well and should be discharged soon…praise God!

How are you? Are you having any contractions? Know that we pray daily for your sweet little girl and for you and your husband. The journey you are about to embark on is a difficult one…but one that will be so worth it!!

Our July 4th was fun…Luke and Jack had a ball and loved the fireworks! We are so very blessed!

I look forward to talking with you soon…

Take care!

Isn’t she the best? She is so supportive and wonderful to all the parents that are walking down a path that she has been on before. Thank God for Cathie!

And I continue to pray for Jonathan – – will you join me? He has now been in the level 3 NICU for 9 weeks (average is 4-6 weeks). But he is still fighting…and he has the same LHR as our baby girl. My heart is heavy for Jonathan and the Mitchell family.

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