Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-12-2007

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday…and while she is celebrating in Vegas, I worked and went to the doctor for another routine check-up. I gained 2 more pounds – – 22 total pounds so far. And boy, it just seems like every day my belly is expanding!

Our baby girl passed the stress tests again today – – everything looks really good. And no contractions for me – – which is good.

Josh leaves next Thursday, 7/19 at 4am to start driving. I will join him on Sunday, July 22nd. So, only 10 days left for me and I am hoping that she stays put! I am a bit anxious about it! I don’t really want to go to Florida, but now that I am at 35 weeks, I want to make sure she doesn’t want to come early!

I have 2 more doctor appointments next week before I leave: one with ultrasound to check her again and one with more stress test/routine pregnancy stuff. We will see how much she weighs next week via ultrasound…I am thinking 5 – 5.5 pounds, since she was already 4 pounds on 6/20/2007. But we shall see…

Just running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done. There are just things you do not think of when you have to be gone that long…like buy a battery back up for my car since it won’t be driven for 3-4 months. Oh, and turn off the thermostat on the way out the door that morning…etc, etc, etc.

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