Posted (Tina) in All Posts on July-17-2007

As some of you know, we moved earlier this year to provide us with more financial flexibility since the future is unknown with our baby girl. For the past few months, we have been trying to rent our other house. Our goal was to have it rented before we went to Florida. Although we have had people apply to rent, there were always extenuating circumstances that made it not seem right (most applicants had bankruptcies, foreclosures, and/or other collection issues). Although we were open to giving someone a chance with an extra deposit, we never had a peace about it. So, we just kept passing people up and waiting, hoping for confirmation and just the right scenario.

This is the week we are getting ready to head out to Florida and guess what? We rented the house…God required us to wait on him and trust Him all the way until the last few days!!! This is such a relief financially, but also just a peace of mind knowing that someone will be living in the house and taking care of it while we are away. The family that has rented the house is sooo nice – Jim & Lisa who have two daughters, Kennedy and Hannah. They are relocating from Seattle and the peace that has come from waiting until just the right family came along was SO worth it! We are just so thankful for this blessing. The most interesting part: we were showing the house to someone else and they just happened to drive up as I was getting ready to leave for the day. I motioned to see if they were interested in seeing the house…and sure enough, that was it! They are such a great family too – – we hope that we can get to know them more upon our return!

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