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Two hours from now my father-in-law, two cats, and myself will begin the 27+ hour journey to Gainesville Florida. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine this scenario. One good thing we have going for us is that dad works graveyards for the Museum of Nature and Science so he’ll be ready to start the first shift while I hopefully catch some shuteye.

Both cats offered to drive as well under the condition that we stop along the way to see the worlds largest ball of yarn. I might be willing to let Macy drive a few miles, but Pumps has been busted twice for a DUI so I don’t have a whole lot of trust for her these days.

Actually though, we are planning to push straight through more for the sake of the cats then anything. We should be arriving early Friday morning. Dad and I should have a few hours then to get the cats settled into the apartment and rest up before we drive two hours down to Orlando so he can catch an evening flight back to Colorado.

The Boemler-Wareings have been gracious enough to let me stay at their place in Orlando Friday and Saturday night. On Sunday evening I’ll be picking Tina up from the airport and we’ll then make the two hour drive back to Gainesville. I’ll feel a lot better once we’re settled in there.

mom on July 21st, 2007 at 11:50 am #

Josh,thanks for the humor.
Love you………….Mom
I am pleased you arrived safely
although, there was a disaster in
Florida. I am sure all will work out.
God bless you both on this journey……..Hugs MOM

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