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Snacks for the road trip: $27.56
Total fuel purchase: $185.39
White Castle sliders: $4.89
Kitty litter stuck in every crevice of your car: priceless

So overall the road trip was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing, but there were some “fun” moments. Here are the highlights:
Thursday 1:07 am – We say goodbye to the wife and “kids” and we start the journey.

Thursday 1:25 am – Macy decides to christen the the trip with all the food she ate earlier that day. I guess the only good thing about her puking in the car was that she did so in the middle of the comforter making for an easy clean up.
Thursday 4:50 am – While heading through Kansas, we drive through one of the strongest rainstorms I’d ever been in. Could barely see the road. Note: You only need to check out the first 15 seconds of the video below to get the idea.

Thursday 5:30 am – Cornfield
Thursday 7:45 am – Cornfield
Thursday 8:57 am – Some vegetable field
Thursday 9:35 am – Cornfield
Thursday 11:00 am – Video Update

Thursday 2:50 pm – Drove by the St. Louis Arch
Thursday 8:37 pm – Tried to have dinner at Jack’s BBQ in Nashville, but downtown was a bit too crazy.
Thursday 9:00 pm – We settled for another Jack’s instead: Jack-in-the-Box
Friday 12:30 am – We drive through downtown Atlanta with almost zero traffic.

Friday 7:40 am – Dad and I (and the cats) arrive in Gainesville.
Thank God for dad. He drove about 60% of the time and it was good to have the company.

Christina DuHart on July 25th, 2007 at 8:08 pm #

Hi Tina,
Well I finally did it, I stayed up way to late last night and finally read all your blogs from the beginning wow was I tired this morning. I think I must be hooked now cause I just finished my last client and I just checked to see if there was any updates. I to enjoyed the trip to Gainsville it wasn’t a bad 5 mins. Didn’t even notice the cat smell. I will write you more later I want to get home. Thinking of you everyday.
Love Chris

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