Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-20-2007

and no I’m not talking about the Beastie Boys Album. What I’m referring to is the apartment that we had rented sight unseen. Holy cripes. Tina and I only had a couple days to find a place the last time we were in Gainesville, and the big struggle was finding a furnished unit to rent for short term (90 days) that was close to the hospital.

We thought we had found the best place. There were some condo conversions only 5 minutes from the hospital so we drove over to check them out. The deal was that the units were not selling as quick as they wanted, so they continued to rent some out furnished. We couldn’t see an actual empty unit because the leasing office was closed, but the sales office was open. For this reason we could only walk through the model, which looked fine so we figured it would work. They even offered us a three bedroom for the price of a two bedroom, which made it sound like a sweet deal.


After seeing the unit in person I now know why they the couldn’t sell it. The place was totally filthy. Dirty walls that needed to be painted, stained floors with carpet that should have been replaced, cobwebs all over the place, housewares that looked like they came from the early 80’s and hadn’t been cleaned since then. The furniture was gross too with who knows what kinda stains infecting the couch.

Oh…but they did include an empty mens underwear box, a basketball, and my favorite (I’m not kidding either) a vibrating pillow.

As much as the last item made the move-in tempting, I resolved that there was no way I was going to let my wife and my baby girl stay in this place. I called Tina and we decided to board the cats for a few days and stay in a hotel while we figure out where to live.

Maybe we’ll have to search a little farther away, or deal with renting the furniture ourselves. We’ll figure something out though.

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