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…we drive up to the Emergency Room and walked-in. Fortunately, the waiting room was empty. Josh explained to the front desk that he thought I was in labor. She sent me through the doors and asked me to sit and wait for a nurse to come get me. As I waited, the pain was continuing to get stronger and stronger. The lady rolls up with a wheel chair. I ask her to wait for a minute…as a contraction passes. Wow, whatever is going on…it is painful!

They wheel me to a bed and the nurse begins to gather all our information verbally and states that she will have a doctor come in to check my cervix. The doctor on staff arrives to examine me. She informs us that I am 9 centimeters dilated and fully effaced. Josh’s jaw drops and with his mouth wide open, he is sitting there in complete shock! Say WHAT@#$%$#@!???

This confirmed three things: first, I was not imagining this pain that I was feeling; second, the emergency staff was now going to take me seriously and third, I was about to give birth to a baby girl! This was such a big surprise for me…wow, was this really happening?

I begin to worry.

Where was my OBGYN? And more importantly, where was Dr. Kays? Did they try and reach him? Was he around? Moments later, Dr. Richards walks in. Phew…there was the doctor that was going to deliver. That part was good.

The pain every couple of minutes was so intense. I was begging for an epidural. I was so far along that I wanted to make sure that I could still have one. Finally, it was 6:00am and the anesthesiologist was getting ready to place the needle in my back when a very strong contraction arrived. I asked her to wait. Simultaneously, I lose my dinner from the night before in a projectile manner out my mouth and my water breaks between my legs. What a strange feeling…

Once the drugs begin to take effect a few moments later, I am a happy woman. It was the first break I had received in hours! This gave me the strength to push on…literally.

Dr. Richards came back to check on me. I was now 10 centimeters and fully dilated and effaced. At this point, he let me know that they were able to reach Dr. Kays and that he was on his way. This made me feel so much better – – that was the entire reason we came to Florida.

Later I found out that it was the first shift back for Dr. Kays after concluding a 2 week vacation. And didn’t I just arrive in Florida less than 48 hours ago? Wow, God was watching over me!

My labor was moving along so rapidly that they wanted to try and slow it down. Dr. Richards wanted the opportunity to get some antibiotics in my system (I had tested positive for Group B Strep virus).

Ideally, you take antibiotics up to 4 hours before you deliver. Between waiting for the antibiotics to get into my system and waiting for Dr. Kays and team, we only had a small window left…this baby wanted out!

At 6:30am, they moved me to a surgical room where I would deliver. This room would provide the space and equipment necessary for Dr. Kays and his team to work on our baby girl once she was born.

The clock was ticking and we were just waiting for everyone to line up and be ready. Once the signal was given, I was asked to push. All it took was a few times…

Loren on July 26th, 2007 at 6:31 am #

WOW! it really seems the stars have all aligned for you and your new family. I think you are off to a good start given everything else you and your husband has endured. All the best for you and your beautiful little girl Ella
Warmest Regards,

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