Posted (Tina) in All Posts on February-17-2009

Most babies can sit up by seven to nine months. Sitting up requires a good sense of balance, as well as muscle strength and control in the trunk and hips. When babies are very slow to sit, it is usually due to immaturity in one of these systems. The developmental abilities needed to sit steadily are also required for standing and walking, so late sitting usually goes with late walking.

For five minutes today, propped in just the right position, Ella sat up on her own without support. We can’t throw her any curve balls and she can easily lose her balance at this stage, but she actually sat there on her own!!! This is a huge milestone for Ella.

Her weight was down to 9.36 kilos which is a sign that the Bumex worked. But I was up with her 15 times between 12 midnight and 7am. This did not help her disposition today – she was cranky. Especially when Kelly would try to have her eat, Ella rebelled with screams of displeasure. I was upstairs behind closed doors and could hear Ella belting it out! One note from the OT: Ella’s lung capacity has grown even since she started seeing her as a patient. I guess that is the silver lining.

Ella tried baby yogurt today for the first time. She didn’t mind the taste because we tried it on the binky first and she seemed to enjoy the flavor and it increased her sucking behavior. As soon as we put yogurt on the spoon and tried to come near her mouth, she let us know that she was not interested in eating. Hopefully, our daughter’s stubborn approach will pay off for her in some respects as she ages.

Ella worked herself up several times today with profuse sweating and crying. I’m hoping this will lead to a more sleep-filled night in Denver. But either way, we hit a huge milestone that should not go without notice: she sat up on her own!