Posted (Tina) in All Posts on December-16-2009

Yep, even though it is not an enjoyable activity, we still try foods here and there. The OT asked us to stick with whipped cream for now. The faces that Ella makes are unbelievable! You would think it tasted really bad…this just shows you how an oral aversion really can taint your experience with food. We’ll keep trying!

Ella received her H1N1 booster shot last Friday. So glad that we were able to get her vaccinated. Also, she visited the ENT for a follow-up appointment. The ENT prescribed Prevacid twice per day. Dr. Kelley noted that since Ella got a cough with the daily Nasonex treatment, it is likely that stomach acids might have played a role. While Ella is laying flat sleeping, the Nasonex was greatly helping to drain her sinuses. However sometimes the stomach acids can also travel up and irritate the esophagus and larynx, even though she has a nissen (the nissen is there to prevent food from refluxing and to make sure Ella gets nourishment. However, the nissen doesn’t tie off the esophagus and stomach opening 100%, otherwise she would not even be able to swallow her secretions). Since Ella had this reaction to the Nasonex, this is the most likely cause.

The ENT asked us to give Nasonex every other day for 1 week, then switch to administering Nasonex every day too. We started last Friday and we’re just about ready to give Nasonex each day starting this Friday. We’re hoping that makes the difference because so far, things have not improved for Ella. She still struggles each day, especially in the morning hours, with secretions and mucoids so thick that they occlude her airway. We have another follow-up appointment in January to see if this has worked or if we need to try something else.

The other day, we just captured a family moment. Ella wanted to play with her computer and Lola wanted to be close and watch.

I had a great birthday yesterday, hanging out with Josh and Ella. Below you can see the snuggles I rec’d from my girl.

Enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to celebrating Christmas in 9 days!