Posted (Tina) in All Posts on May-19-2010

Well, things have still been tough the past few days. Although we avoided going back to CHOC, we’ve still had lots of challenges.

On the pooch front, Lola has gone in/out of being sick. One day she’s fine, the next runny stools. Then she’ll be fine, then vomiting. The past 2 mornings, she has vomited. This morning, there was a touch of blood in it. Yikes…

I almost bought this shirt for Lola to wear next time she visits the dog park.

The Bun has been acting great but still has diarrhea. We took her to get labs on Monday – they were a bit improved with potassium increasing to 3.6. Not fabulous, but stable enough. And not too shabby considering that she’s had diarrhea since last Thursday. We decided to give her intestines a break and used Pedialyte solely for one day. Now, we’ve been only giving half the amount of formula mixed with Pedialyte and feeding about 8 times per day. The less formula, the less diarrhea. Although even with 100% Pedialyte, she still has loose stools too frequently.

Along with that part, I’ve not been getting lots of sleep. Therefore, my health has declined and I’ve been fighting off major sickness. I think that there have just been too many sleepless nights in a row.

We wanted to take some time and catch up with some other friends and circle back with family before leaving CA. But in the end, we decided that it was best to high tail it back to Denver. We need for Ella and Lola to be around their primary caregivers.

So, we left this morning and headed for Arizona. We’re staying the night at an RV park just outside of Phoenix. Tomorrow, we’ll had to New Mexico. Please pray for our safety. We did attempt to get some mechanical repairs done to the motorhome before we left, but it would have taken several days to order the parts. Instead, the mechanic thought we would likely be able to make it back to Colorado safely. Since we need to get back home, we decided to go for it. But with how things have worked with us lately, we may get challenged by getting stuck in the heat of the desert.

We could really use a break and just would love for the drive home to go as smoothly as possible.

Psalm 118:24 (NLT)
This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.