Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on June-7-2008

Tina and Grandma escaped to do some shopping and I spent time taking care of the Bun. Nothing makes me appreciate my wife more than a little alone time with Ella. Don’t get me wrong. Ella is sweet as peaches, but she is a lot of work. And when she’s cranky, that goes double. We did have a good time today though, and boy, she is cute.

We’re still getting the house in order trying to get into a routine. Going back to work in the office was a very surreal experience. The engineering team that I’m on has almost tripled in size. Lots of good people though.

One thing I totally didn’t anticipate was just how much I was going to miss being with my girls. I was with Tina and Ella pretty much every day for the last 10+ months in Gainesville.

The fact that we’re actually home still hasn’t fully hit me. I’ve had a couple moments where the emotions of it all have spilled over, but the realization of the entire journey continues to sink in.

Continuing to thank God for bringing us home.