Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-26-2008

Today was a rough day for me, for some reason. It was the same routine of sitting at home with Ella, but the weight of everything was hitting me.

Please pray for all of us. Pray for Josh in his work situation, that he can stay focused and energized for his role. For me, that I will find peace and sanity in my solo role at home. And pray for Ella: that she will gain weight, get stronger and make progress with her physical and developmental challenges.

As soon as Josh got home and we ate dinner, the Bun decided that she wanted to go down for a nap. This is not that strange considering that she did not nap much today.

A little bit later, we decided to try and wake her up for the rest of the night…and she rebelled. So, we let her continue to rest while we enjoyed the sun setting off the front patio.

She sure enjoys her beauty sleep…