Posted (Tina) in All Posts on June-2-2008

We had 2 doctor appointments with Ella today, to meet and greet with pediatricians. We have another one tomorrow and are praying for discernment to make the right choice for Ella. So far, one stands out to us but there is still another pediatrician to meet tomorrow, so time will tell.

Also, Ella has her first appointment tomorrow with her new PT. We are excited that she will be coming to our home for the appointments, so that we do not have to drive.

Speaking of driving, Ella had one huge meltdown today in the car. I had to bump her up to 2 liters of oxygen to get her through it. It was so hard to hear her in the back and not be able to help her. Instead, Grandma was riding in the back and helping. But it is tough to think about how I will do all of this by myself in a couple of weeks. I asked my Mom after she experienced the episode how she imagines that I will handle this situation on my own. She simply shook her head and answered that she wasn’t sure; it is a extremely difficult thing to do solo.

In other words, it is just going to be really tough to get to wherever we need to go and try and manage her from the front seat. Heck, even being back at home and trying to switch her between 2 separate oxygen concentrators on different levels of our house, get her in and out of the car with the 50′ cords and pulse oximeter cords has been a challenge to me.

In between doctor visits today, we continued to unpack and move furniture. We were able to clear an entire room for Ella and I to hang out in during the day. This will give us the room to play freely and give us room for therapy appointments. Although it has been a lot of work and there is still more to do, it has been worth it.

Originally, Josh had planned to return to work today but ended up being so exhausted from all the travel this past week that he took today off work too. He was still unpacking and doing a lot around the house. Please pray that he will sleep well tonight and be rested for his first day back in the office at work.

The best part of the day was going out on our patio when the sun was starting to set. It was about 75 degrees with a slight breeze. Although they are building more houses across the street, we still have a view right now. It was great to enjoy the pleasant weather outside with the Bun.

It was the first Colorado sunset that the Bun has experienced…and boy, it was magnificent.

We’re just continuing to thank Him for our baby girl and trusting that He will guide us every step of the way in the future.