Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on September-1-2008

Today was pretty much a repeat for Ella. Her BUN is hovering around 22 and she’s behaving mostly like herself.

No, that’s not a cast. If you remember, they ended up getting an IV in her left hand instead of her foot, which isn’t the most convenient place, but with Ella you gotta take what you can get.

We did discover a little milestone today….there’s a lower left front tooth starting to break through Ella’s gums! While we’re excited about this, it’s a bit of a bummer that it’s happening on top of everything else she’s going through. But, who am I to say that there would be a better time =).

I did my best to manage Ella during last night so that Tina could catch up on her sleep. We’re both still pretty wiped though. Tina’s not feeling the greatest either – seems like it might just be from lack of sleep. But prayers are needed so that she does not catch a cold and that Ella can maintain her steady progress until surgery.

I’ll be heading in the office tomorrow and then taking Wednesday off for the Bun’s surgery.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support!