Posted (Tina) in All Posts on September-7-2008

Ella is definitely feeling better today. Her saturation and heart rate were in check and she was smiling a lot.

This morning, she looked a lot better but I could still sense that she is holding onto more fluid. During rounds, they discussed leaving the IV Lasix the same (3 doses per day). I pushed that they give her more IV lasix while we still have an IV. So they ended up giving her two extra doses of Lasix. We’re hoping that will make her dry by tomorrow. Also, the IV in her right hand that they placed during surgery was not viable by this afternoon. I cannot believe we still have the IV in her left hand – – it has been there for over a week!

We’ve worked up to her 800ccs of food each day from a volume standpoint. We are going to take the next several days to incorporate bolus feeds again. For now, we are spreading it out over a longer period of time with the food pump.

She has been weaned off pain meds and is just taking Tylenol every 4 hours. We will likely move to dosing it on an as-needed basis soon.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Continue to pray that Ella will dry out overnight. We want her to be in a good place for rounds tomorrow morning, so they can discuss a strategy for her diuretic mystery.

Nahum 1:7
The Lord is good,
a strong refuge when trouble comes.
He is close to those who trust in him.