Posted (Tina) in All Posts on December-4-2008

It snowed all day today. In the early morning, it took Josh 2 hours to get to work. And on the drive home, it was frosty. Do you see my dashboard? I could not believe that my car was registering the temperature at -8 degrees. Fortunately, this type of freeze is not typical.

Ella slept pretty well last night. She only woke up 2 times, which is good for her. Then, she had a great day hanging out with Kelly.

Clinically, she looks great. At night, we are turning down her oxygen to 750ccs. During the day when she took a nap, Kelly caught her saturations at 100 and her heart rate at 103! That is low for Ella. It means that her fluid balance is good; she is likely dry.

Even though it was late when I got home, Ella continued to smile and be in a great mood for me. I just hope that this streak of doing well can continue.

We’re so blessed to have this little Bun in our lives.