Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on December-20-2008

Kelly went home to Colorado Springs to be with her family so it was a nice, lazy day with just the Bun and the dogs. Yes, we have a new little one that has joined our family here in Colorado: a mini female doxie. She does not officially have a name, however I’m sure a final decision will be made soon.

Manny was so excited to see another dog last night. He was in a bit of shock. It is sad though because you can tell that he is confused and still looking for Joslin. You can tell that he still misses her.

Last night, the puppy did incredibly well and slept solid for the night. Actually, Manny was the one that kept waking us up! He gets excited with the cats and kept climbing in and out of the covers to check out the scene. Needless to say, we were both a bit tired today.

As expected, the puppy had a couple of accidents today while we had her confined in our kitchen area. But then, we also had a few successes on the potty training pads too. It was exciting to see her make an association after just a few times and successfully go on the potty training pads! Of course, we would prefer to take her outside on the grass, but it is covered with snow and freezing! The potty training pads we purchased actually have a grass scent and they recommend slowly moving the pads closer and closer to the outside door.

At times throughout today, Manny seemed a bit lethargic. He would go off into the other room and cuddle up on the couch to go to sleep. He was not in a social mood and seemed bummed. In these moments, it was hard not to get a bit sad about Joslin.

Several times, the puppy would want to play and Manny would ignore her. Thankfully, a few times he decided he was up for it and would run around and play. The new puppy has a great temperament and a great disposition; she is playful, outgoing, sweet, and cuddly. You can tell that her and Manny will end up being good buddies.

I think my Dad is really going to bond with her too. Tomorrow, he gets to meet her for the first time. We have an appointment at the vet to get her a second round of shots.

Ella’s day was low key. With all the extra activity with the dogs, the camera was not focused on her. By the end of the night, we realized that we only grabbed the camera when she was snoozing!

We’re definitely glad that it is just Saturday and that we have another day of rest before returning to work.

Thanks for all the support and prayers.