Posted (Tina) in All Posts on December-15-2008

Ella had an “ok” day. Kelly relayed that she seemed more fussy than usual. On a feeding note, that seems to be going well. The increase in food while working toward full bolus feeds has continued strong.

I did not have a great birthday. This morning, our sweet little miniature dachshund passed away unexpectedly. Her 10 year old heart just decided to stop working. And although we don’t spend each day with her anymore, I’m very sad.

Joslin (aka Taco) has spent the last 1.5 – 2 years with my Dad mostly. I was traveling back and forth to LA every week for work (while pregnant) and then we left Colorado to go to Florida for Ella’s birth and hospital stay. During that entire time, Joslin and Manny have kept my Dad company.

Now, my heart is sad for my Dad. He misses Taco a lot already. And Manny, he howls if you separated him from Joslin. Now when my Dad goes to work, Manny is by himself. I’m sure he doesn’t understand where his sister has gone. They are used to snuggling at night together while they protect the house.

I don’t have a picture, but hanging off the fireplace are two stockings: one for Taco and one for Manny. My Mom made the stockings several years back. And Christmas was always one of Taco’s favorite times – she loved ripping open gifts. I was really looking forward to it.

I’m thankful that Taco and Manny came over for Thanksgiving and I spent some good time with her. But my heart is still sad.

Last year, I was in the NICU with Ella and this year, my dog passes away. Prayers for the grief to subside and for better birthdays in future years ahead.