Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on July-11-2009

Ella’s grandpa came over for lunch today. We had a good time catching up. And then our dear sweet sitter Megan came by to watch the Bun this afternoon so I could have a break. I escaped by grabbing a bite at Chick-fil-A and went to see a movie. Last time I saw a flick in a theater was over a year ago in Gainsville. It was a nice break.

Ella has behaved herself today. She pitched a bit of a fit during bath time this morning, but that’s to be expected from our drama girl.

Lisa asked about Ella taking out her cannulas. It’s funny because the only time they really come out is by accident. Ella will actually try and put them back in her nose if she can. You figure for her she’s always had them in there. Maybe it’s like wearing a seat-belt. When I was kid they were optional, so I didn’t always think about it. But now, it’s actually uncomfortable without that strap across my chest.

Glad the Bun is doing pretty good these days. Praise God for her precious life.

P.S. Please continue to pray for the Keirseys. Avery has really struggled with some fluid issues over the last few days. I hope and pray they find a treatment that will help this sweet child.