Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on December-5-2007

Ella had another good day.

Her CPAP pressure was weaned down to 4 this morning, and our girl seems to be tolerating it well. Her oxygen saturation is totally pegging 100%, and her heart rate and breaths per minute look comfortable too.

I arrived before shift change this evening and found the Bun fast asleep. I guess she’d been that way for about an hour. The nurse said she seemed overly tired in the afternoon, but was fighting going to sleep. She finally got Ella to go down and it looked like she was out.

She fidgeted around a bit while I was there, and lost her binky a couple times. I was there to put it in its proper place though, and she swiftly fell back to sleep.

I left to grab a quick bite during shift change, and came back to my girl sleeping. She was still sleeping when I left at 9:15 tonight. She barely even fussed when they took her blood pressure, and only stirred a couple times otherwise.

I’m glad to see her resting well because I know the sleep is helping her body heal. I just don’t want to her think that all this sleep is going to make her any cuter, because that’s just impossible. 100% cuteness = 100% cuteness. You can’t do 120% cuteness. Well, I guess if there’s a way, I’m sure the Bun will figure it out.

Tina flew out to California today on business and will be back on Saturday. It’s just me and the cats at the apartment. We’re thinking about cracking open a can of tuna, opening a bag of catnip, and calling it a party. We’ll see how things go though.

Baby Par is progressing along and is continuing to work on the feeding concept. We pray that he continues on the forward path and figures out how to swallow. Asking for patience, patience, and more patience for Liz and Rusty.

Please pray earnestly for Jonathan. He’s not been doing well the last couple days. It was hoped that after surgery he would progress forward, and there were some small signs, but now he’s taking some steps back. It doesn’t look like ECMO is helping as much as it should be. In fact he had another surgery this morning to remove more blood in his chest, a slide effect of the heparin that’s thinning his blood.

There’s a good chance Dr. Kays will be taking him off ECMO in the coming days to see if this helps this issue, but we just don’t know.

I was able to talk with Jasmine tonight, and share what the Lord put on my heart. Please pray for peace to wash over her, and her husband Chris.

Father God, we lift up baby Jonathan in prayer. We trust in your healing power, and have complete faith in your sovereignty. We know that you are in complete control. We don’t always understand your ways, and in fact, we know it’s this way for a purpose. All we can do is completely surrender and trust in you.

Lord, we pray that Jasmine and Chris can find peace in your Word during this time. We pray that your Spirit will cleanse them of any lies that the enemy plants in their heads. We pray for Jonathan’s liver and kidneys to function, and for the bleeding to stop so that he can grow strong. We ask that when he comes off ECMO, that his lungs will begin to recover and do the job you created them to do.

Lord Jesus, we ask that you heal Jonathan, so that he may be a living testimony of your love and power. We praise you Lord for the blessing these children are, and we know they are all in your hands.

It is in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that we pray. Amen.