Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on December-14-2007

Tina took the day off work to spend it with the Bun while I worked hard to complete a project due at work next week.
Ella continues to do well on the nose cannulas. She did have a couple meltdowns today, but Tina was able to help calm her down.
The only change today is that they are venting her feeding tube for 10 minutes before feeding her. Then, giving her 64ccs of Portagen on a continuous feed through her g-tube, venting for 30 minutes afterwards and finally closing the tube off until the next feeding.
I went back with Tina tonight, and spent some time holding our girl. Honest to God, I still don’t believe that she’s my baby. I look at her with awe and wonder. I can’t believe that Tina birthed her…I know Tina has an easier time believing that one ;-).
Our girl has come so far, and we praise God for the incredible progress she has made. She is such a miracle.
Thank you for all the love and support.