Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on December-8-2007

Ella’s Mom is home! Yay!
Tina made it back unscathed from traveling coast to coast. OK, maybe a little scathed, because she only got about 2 hours of sleep last night (ouch).
Ella Renae had a good day. Her stats still seemed a little elevated for my comfort, but her clinical signs were good. She was not really fussy, her lungs didn’t sound junky, and she was smiley and happy to see me. I spent most of the afternoon with the Bun and put her to sleep before going to pick up Tina.
Tina was flying in to Gainesville so I didn’t need to go far to pick her up. We grabbed quick bite and headed back over to the hospital. Our girl was still sleeping when we arrived.
Tina also made me feel better by confirming that her stats were OK. I know, I know…some of you nurses out there were trying to tell me that it was ok, but I’ve just seen it go the other way so many times before, that it was hard to not feel that way. Having Tina as a gut check confirmed that it doesn’t look bad. So, the one nurse who said she’d buy us dinner, if Ella started to decline, is off the hook. =)
We didn’t stay long with Ella because she was contently resting and Tina was totally wiped too. We decided to head home, which I was excited to do because I had a little surprise in store for Tina.
When Tina opened the door to our apartment she was greeted with some unfamiliar lights. I felt inspired to go get us a Christmas tree and decorate it as a welcome home present. I got up this morning and went to Home Depot and purchased a live tree, a few strands of lights, and a tree skirt with Frosty on it. Also, I had the assistance of a very good friend who was kind enough to lend me some ornaments.
Tina was very surprised and happy. She’s wanted a live tree for awhile, so I knew this would go over well. The last time we had a live Christmas tree was over 11 years ago! I’m basking in the glow of it as I write this post. Having the tree up really makes it feel like Christmas.
Thank you to all who have followed us so diligently on this journey. Your prayers and support are appreciated every moment of every day.
p.s I have not heard any updates on Par or Jonathan. Continuing to lift up both in prayer.