Posted (Tina) in All Posts on February-13-2008

Today was a better day for Ella, although she did not sleep well last night. Her and I played the dance from 1am till 7am. It seemed every 15-30 minutes, something was bothering her and she would fuss. That made for a night that did not include lots of beauty sleep.

The positive was that Ella did better today with her feedings. We went back to 35ccs over an hour, 9 times today with a continuous feed overnight for 8 hours. It seemed that she handled it better when she was laying down on her back or if I was holding her in a football position. If I tried leaning her in an upright position, it would place too much pressure on her tummy and she would start to cough and retch. I tried venting her more often and it didn’t seem like she had a bunch of air or gas in her belly so it didn’t gain us much, but it was worth trying.

We were supposed to visit the pediatrician today, but the appointment was rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Ella needs her synagis shot and the office was not expecting to receive it in time for the original appointment time today. Since we want to minimize the visits we need to make, it was better to reschedule. Also, Ella will be getting her 2nd round of immunizations. The last time she received these shots in late December in the NICU, she got feverish and did not feel great. I’m expecting much of the same response this time around.

Without much on the schedule today, Ella caught up on her zzzzzzs. Now, Mom and Dad just need to do the same. Josh has been up till 4am the past 2 nights, making sure that his deadlines are work were met. And for myself, I have been up a lot with Ella the past couple of nights and have not been able to take advantage of naps throughout the day.

Please pray that our appointment with the pediatrician goes well. Also, that Ella continues to get stronger and stronger each day.