Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on February-28-2008

The Bun had a good day and she’s really taking to the bottle (Praise God!!) She took as much as 60ccs during one feeding today which was really exciting.

We were also able to increase the volume on bolus feeds to 60ccs. She does cough and retch a bit, but we need to get the food in her so she can gain weight.

She also took another solid 4 hour nap today with part of that time sleeping on Grandma. Hopefully she sleeps through the night OK considering all the rest she’s already had.

When I was done with work today, I let Tina and Grandma go off together so Ella and I had some one-on-one time. I’m still in awe that our girl is really here with us. Just having this time with her is so precious and it means so much.

We are truly blessed.

Just the Bun and me
for alone time tonight
Mom and Grandma
escaped out of sight

Ella and I
we had great fun
reading some books
and tickling the tum

Stories of feet
and ABC’s
Dr. Seuss is the best
Miss Ella agrees

From Aunt Annie’s Alligator
To a Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz
Left feet and right feet
and fur feet with fuz

Some swinging involved
and holding with care
surprises in diapers
and grabbing chest hair

Ella Renae
She’s a gift from above
I have never before
experienced such love

From the top of her head
to the tips of her toes
every day that goes by
greater my love grows

She’s so special to many
this sweet little girl
lots of eyes have seen her
from around the world

Thank you to all
for continuing to pray
it makes a big difference
each and every day

Praising God every moment
for each breath she takes
made perfect by Him
without any mistakes

Thank you Lord for The Bun
she’s a gift without measure
taking care of her is great work
but ultimately, our pleasure

Our Faith is in you
We trust every day
that wisdom will be granted
to lead Ella the right way

I pray the Lord Bless her
and grow her up strong
She is yours dear Jesus
to you she belongs