Posted (Tina) in All Posts on February-18-2008

Yeah, Ella didn’t really realize the significance of this day, although the PBS channel was on in the background and was discussing various historical figures. Maybe one day she will look back on Lincoln and realize that he looks familiar.

Actually, Ella did not feel great today. She slept a lot and was extra fussy.

It seems like it all might be related to teething. She has no fever, but is drooling and picking at her face a lot. We have tried the remedies that have worked for most and none have seemed to satisfy. We tried the washcloth in the freezer trick today and she only seemed happy for a few minutes.

So tonight, we made a trip to the drugstore for Baby Orajel. We are hoping this does the trick for quick relief when needed.

Her feedings went fine today. Once again, we bolus fed with 45ccs at a time and 55ccs once when she was asleep. We really had no problems. Praise God – – thank you for the prayers related to this specific issue. It is SO NICE to not be hooked up to a food machine all the time.

Over this week, we will try and increase the bolus feeds slightly so we can work back to where we were before this all started – – 70ccs 5 times per day and the continuous feeds at night.

We hope to schedule occupational therapy this week, so that we can start with oral feedings.

Again, Ella did not have a great day, but we are hoping that it is just the teething and nothing else. I think we are always extra cautious that it might be something more with her. As she is sleeping right now, she is saturating 100 and her heart rate is between 112-125, which is great.

Thank God for Josh – – an involved Daddy who is in love with his little girl. He gave me a break today while I did taxes (is that really a break?). Also, I was able to sneak in a nap mid-day which really helped since Ella was up a lot of last night.

Please say an extra prayer for Daddy. When his little one is not feeling great, his anxious nature tends to get the best of him. Also, this Mommy transition has been a bit rough the past few weeks. I need His strength and endurance to get me through each day. Finally, that Ella will continue to grow in strength and that the teething blues will pass quickly.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.