Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on March-1-2008

Today was a nice lazy Saturday with the Bun.

Tina and Grandma went out for the day to do some shopping while I looked after Ella. I was surprised her level of fussiness because she didn’t sleep that well last night, and yet she really had a pretty good day.

Man, let me say that it’s tough when she doesn’t sleep through the night (which has been most of the time). The thing that makes it incredibly challenging is when she just can’t get comfortable, or if she’s a little congested, she’ll thrash around and rub her face which pulls out her oxygen cannulas.

If she didn’t require the O2, we could let her fuss a bit and settle down on her own. But we can’t do this. So from 12:30am to 2:30am I tried to keep her comfortable, but I woke up 12 different times to do so. It’s so hard because you don’t have a choice. Tina’s amazing because she’s able to do this throughout the night with her, but I figured I would try and give her a break. This two hour routine brought me to the brink and I finally surrendered, having to let Tina take over.

We’ve only had a handful of times since she’s been home where she’s slept solid through the night. We hope this gets better moving forward.

At this moment she’s down for the night I’m hoping she sleeps solid. I tried my best to keep her up most of the day, so we’ll see.

Overall Ella ate well, but we didn’t work as much as I would have liked to on oral feedings. That would be Ella’s oral feedings…I had no problems with mine =)

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers, for keeping up with us every day, and for loving the Bun.