Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on March-20-2008

“You’re silly Dad”
“Thanks Dad”
“Where are we going Dad?”
“I lost my binky Dad”
“I’m tired Dad”
“You sure do make funny faces Dad”
“Why is there hair on your chin, but not on your head Dad?”
“Does it help if I pull on this Dad?”
“You make a great pillow Dad”
“I Love you Dad”

Ella talks all the time. Her eyes express so much, even more than words ever could. Some of it comes through in the pictures you see here, but they only scratch the surface of her true expression. These “words” from her encourage us every day. They affirm what we’re doing for her, the care we give her, the love we show her.

Ella Renae totally relies on us.

We feed her
We change her
We bathe her
We give her medicine
We clothe her
We hold and comfort her
We help her breathe with oxygen
We read to her
We sing to her
We play with her
We love her

Ella would not survive on her own without us providing for these needs and others every day.

This illustration reminds me of how I am to rely on God: completely, fully, and in all things.

Ella relies on us every day, it’s my job to rely on my Heavenly Father every day.

Looking at my baby girl reminds me continuously our Father’s love for us. It is unfailing, unwavering, and unconditional.

Thank you Lord for loving us unconditionally. You take care of all our needs. You bless us even when we don’t deserve it. Thank you for giving me these glimpses of You through my daughter. May she continue to be glorifying to you every day. Amen

Ella had a good day overall.

During one feed, Tina set her up on her Boppy in front of her video player that Grandma West got her. The Bun took to it well and the DVD distraction helped her gulp down 25ccs. She had pretty good success with the other feeds too, with minimal or no retching.

We took a nice 30 min walk around our neighborhood tonight, with Tina holding Ella in her Baby Bjorn, and me in tow with an oxygen tank. Ella behaved herself and we all enjoyed the fresh air.

I was happy to discover that I have tomorrow off of work (totally spaced it) so Tina and I will be enjoying a long weekend with the Bun.

Your love, support, and prayers continue to strengthen us all. Thank you so much for them.