Posted (Tina) in All Posts on March-26-2008

Well, she’s not quite doing yoga yet…

The event for the day was going to physical therapy. We had a great first session.

When we initially arrived, we could overhear the PT working with some other kids. Although they were in the other room, our concern of minimizing exposure surfaced. She completely understood and told us that she had an isolation room specifically for these types of cases. That was huge in alleviating our fears and a good first impression.

Ella was in a great mood and the PT was amazing with her. You could tell that she has years of experience and knew exactly what she was doing. It made us feel like this is the right person to work with Ella.

After her assessment and doing some basic exercises, she decided that Ella needed to visit twice per week. That was not a surprise, as we know that Ella has a lot of catching up to do. Her sessions will be for 30 minutes, but we will be working the entire 30 minutes. Our next appointment is on Monday, March 31st.

Speaking of Monday, March 31st, it will be the first annual CDH Awareness Day. Be sure to wear turquoise in support of all CDH babies, including Ella! If you’re looking for official CDH Awareness Day gear, click here.

As we watched Ella try her best to do some physical exercises, it was a clear reminder of how much she has been through since her birth. The PT commented that she has been through a lot, but had lots of positive affirmations for the Bun too, considering all she has endured.

We praise Him for our baby girl. We just fall more in love each day. Thank you for the love and support.

Yes, Dad snapped this pic of his girls catching beauty sleep this afternoon!