Posted (Tina) in All Posts on August-3-2008

Ella has not been herself the past 24-48 hours. Along with the increased coughing and retching, you can just tell that she doesn’t feel that great. The smile above was one of the rare glimpses throughout the day.

She felt warm, so we gave her Tylenol a few times today. Dr. Perry told us to expect that Ella might have a fever for 24-48 hours due to the vaccines. If Ella doesn’t seem improved by the morning, we will be calling Dr. Perry. These symptoms started last Friday night, but seem to be sticking around.

Her retching was so bad this morning that she passed out briefly. She has done this a few times to me over the past few weeks. But Josh was taking care of Ella this morning when it happened. It freaked him out a bit. I don’t think he has ever seen Ella get that bad with retching.

It all seems related to secretions and congestion. And today both of those things are worse. Who knows, maybe she has a bit of a cold or something. She has been breathing through her mouth more, since her nose seems to be more congested, and she seems to be requiring more oxygen.

Even at night while asleep, she is requiring more oxygen and her heart rate continues to be higher than it should be – – higher than her baseline.

When you can’t get Ella to break much of a smile, even with coaxing and funny faces, you know that she isn’t feeling well. Typically, these symptoms do not point to a good direction for Ella.

Please pray that the Bun will begin to feel better.