Posted (Tina) in All Posts on August-22-2008

Ella had a rough night. She woke up several times, sometimes just crying while other times coughing and retching. Normally, she is quiet for several hours and we do not hear a peep from her (sometimes her pulse oximeter alarms, but she doesn’t wake up).

In any case, it made for a rough night for all three of us. I’m so glad it is the weekend so we can all catch up on our zzz’s.

Ella coughed and retched so much this morning. Seriously, like 30 times by 9:30am; it was ridiculous. I sure hope that surgery and follow-up treatment helps.

Because of the retching and lack of sleep, we canceled the PT session this morning and rescheduled for Monday morning.

I am concerned about her fluid retention. I left a message for Dr. Perry so we could touch base, but he did not return my call.

Also, I called Dr. Partrick’s office to see about a surgical consult with Dr. Kays. His assistant did not call me back either! I’m just striking out.

It was a nice day in Denver and I needed to go to the bank to use the drive-up ATM and drop off one of Ella’s compound prescriptions. So, we got in the car and ventured out into the world for a little bit this afternoon. Man, the large portable oxygen tank sure runs out quick when she is on 2 liters.

Ella continued her talking today. I had to capture it by video, so we could share her new “duh, duh” with all of you!

Many of you have sent letters for Ella’s timecapsule which we will be sealing up in a couple of days. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to send those letters to Ella. I know that she will be in awe some day when she reads them.

Ella normally naps for an hour or so and I wake her up around 8pm, so she can stay awake for a couple more hours. But I have tried countless times to wake her up, and she will not wake up!!! I even sat her up in her chair. She didn’t even have the energy to fuss or complain. She is fast asleep.

I’m hoping that she is just making up for those lost hours last night and doesn’t decide to wake up at 5am.

Josh is working late tonight, so its just me and the Bun putting on our pj’s and getting ready to ride into the weekend.