Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on August-24-2008

Ella was stable last night, and although she had a huge diaper from her Lasix (190g), it wasn’t quite enough to get her over the fluid hump. Ella’s heart rate is still elevated and her BUN this morning was 19.

After talking it over with the attending pulmonologist, she decided to giver her another round of IV Lasix this afternoon, increase her Bumex to 1.5mg twice per day, and start her on another regiment of Prednisolone.

We were hopeful that we would be discharged today, but that thought was quickly dashed once we determined our plan of attack. At this point, we’re not exactly sure when Ella will be heading home, and she may even be in here until her day of surgery.

The main reason we’re in the hospital is to stabilize Ella for her surgery on the 3rd of next month. Considering her behavior over the last few days, Tina and I are feeling more convinced that her hiatal hernia is contributing to her current condition. For this reason, we’re feeling more confident that the surgery will be a good thing for her.

As I write this, Ella is taking her afternoon nap and Tina is out running errands. It’s time for the Bun’s 3 o’ clock feed so I’m gonna go. We’ll write more as it happens.

Thanks for keeping up with us!

P.S. We did a few updates to the site over the last couple days. We’ve added a “Contact Us” page as well as a “Summary of Ella’s Journey” to the menu above. Plus the fun little Lilypie age counter.