Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on October-28-2008

I’m thinking Ella is doing a little better today. Not quite as snotty, and her cough doesn’t sound as bad.

I’m hoping a good nights rest will let Ella and me kill off our colds. Kelly is still fighting hers, but we’ll see how she is in the morning. Tina and Grandma Mary have avoided getting sick. They spent the evening at our sweet neighbors house enjoying some homemade Mexican food. Tina brought Kelly and me a couple plates over before they left us. Thanks for the dinner Estela!

Praying that those of us that aren’t sick don’t get sick, and the ones that are get better soon.

As Ella went to sleep, Tina increased her rate of food to 31ccs per hour. We’ll see how she does overnight and into tomorrow. This brings her overall volume to 744ccs, only 24ccs below her goal. However, the biggest difference is that she is on a lower calorie formula. Once she can tolerate the volume, we can work on the density of the food.

I’m fading, so I’m going to join my child and beautiful wife in sleep. G’Night…