Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on January-2-2009

I had the day off work so I was in charge of taking care of the Bun. Let’s be clear though: Ella is the one who is actually in charge. =)

Ella had a great day. She slept solid through the night and her numbers looked good this morning. She’s still on a liter of O2, and not quite saturating where she was before, but at least she’s going the right direction. Plus, she’s clinically behaving great.

The only time she gave me any grief today was when I went to feed her some apples. Man, she just does NOT want to do it. She started melting down, and it was a “my way or the highway” melt down. She wasn’t in pain at all, it was just total drama. So I bumped up her O2 and let her keep crying it out. After about 5 minutes, I gave her the binky and frog to calm her down. She did, but then I tried again a minute later. Another meltdown. I tried again for another 5 minutes with minimal success.

There were a few times there where I just had to turn my face away and laugh a bit, because she was so playing me. It was all about her getting her way. OH MAN…the fun times ahead we have to look forward to ;-).

I was able to get a couple cute videos of her today. We did have a good time together.

Praise to our Heavenly Father for his continual blessings, provisions, and our sweet Ella Renae!