Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on January-30-2009

And boy her arms are tired.

Tina made it home safe and sound. Ella and I picked her up from the airport around 7:30 tonight. Great to have her back.

Ella only woke up one time last night, although she was really fussy and inconsolable this morning. We decided to let her take it easy. She took a solid few hour nap in the afternoon, and upon waking up, looked to be feeling better.

We received a call from the pediatrician with her BMP details. All looks good. Her K (potassium) is at 4.9 which is right between the desired 4 & 6 mark. Her BUN is 21. Both these numbers are encouraging because it tells us that the weight adjusted aldactizide (diuretic) is helping her maintain her fluid balance, and the potassium is the right dose to keep her number in check. With this new info, we’re hopeful that we can maintain her at a good place without using any stronger loop diuretic (Bumex).

Kelly is enjoying some time with a friend tonight and we’re all looking forward to a relaxing weekend.