Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on January-29-2009

The Bun was a bit more fussy today. This leaves little hope for a solid nights rest.

We took a trip to have some blood drawn for a BMP. We thought about going yesterday, but the phlebotomist who usually does her draw was off. So we opted to wait ’till today considering how consistent and good he’s been with Ella. Once again, he was able to get the blood he needed on the first try.

Ella was such a trooper. She knows what’s coming as soon as the rubber tourniquet gets wrapped around her arm. She fusses quite a bit, but recovered fairly quick. She calmed right down for the drive home too.

Ella also had a pretty good PT session. So good to have some consistent progress in this area.

Please pray for solid sleep tonight for all of us, and also for Tina’s travels tomorrow. Can’t wait to have her back home.

TGIF Ella Fans!