Posted (jooosh) in All Posts on January-27-2009

Yup…Tina is in the BIG state of Texas vising her friend for the next 4 days. I can’t even begin to tell ya’ll just how stinkin’ excited I am for her. Tina deserves this break so much. I’m glad that she can take advantage of it.

My company has been great to let me telecommute while she’s away so I can switch shifts with Kelly in the morning and evening, without the overhead of a commute (Thanks L.S.!).

Surprisingly, Ella slept well through the night and to cap it off she had a good day. I can only hope and pray that she keeps this behavior up for the next few days as well.

With Ella’s good day comes a lot of good pictures. Below is the extensive collection for your viewing pleasure:

“Yay…a clean Bun!”

“Yeah…I know it’s a camera”

Maybe if I play possum they’ll stop making me work

Yes…I’m even cute with a pitiful look on my face

“One, two, free”

“See, you put your fist in your mouth like this”

“Now you try it bear!”

“Can I help you?”

Hmmm…let me ponder that with my finger in my mouth

“Yeah…I heard that mom is out of town”

“You sure you can handle this Dad?”

“How long is she gone for again?”

“Whew…ok…I think we can make it together for four days”

“Don’t worry dad…I’ll be good”

“Look into my eyes Froggy”

“Yeah…I know you tricked me into sitting up”

“So you think we can take a break?”


All this working out messes up ones hair

Sitting on my own for a moment requires a little prayer

“Alright, I’ll hold your hands, but then I need to lay down for a bit”


A moment to catch my breath

Yup…I am the Bun!

“Hey, where you goin’ Super-Nanny Kelly?”


I wonder where she went

Oh there you are! Wait, what’s that in your hand…


Ok…so it’s really not that bad.

Peace out Ella Fans!